Monday, April 26, 2010

In His Time

Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, "Don't be afraid; just believe."

(Mark 5:36, NIV)

He pushed through the massive crowd. In his desperation, this father made his way right in front and threw himself down at the feet of Jesus. This is the man he needed to see. He heard of his incredible reputation of healing the sick. His only hope. This anxious dad pleaded Jesus to go to his house and heal his ill child. Although Jesus agreed to his plea, they were drowned in the sea of people pushing to get a touch of Jesus. The anxiety of this dad increased with Jesus’ relaxed composure. Jesus did not seem in any hurry at all. He even stopped to attend to other people along the way.

Soon, the worried dad received news from home that his precious daughter died. His only hope – Jesus, was not a hope at all?! Now all he could see and hear was a numb silence in his own spirit. Is there really hope? As he struggled to think rationally, he could hear the commotion around him. “It’s too late.” “Don’t bother Jesus.” “Your girl is dead.”

The message rang in my head and heart throughout this week since I read this familiar story of Jairus running after Jesus to heal his sick daughter to my toddler. Although the words are simpler in his small illustrated children’s bible, the Spirit spoke to my heart with clarity and hope.

How many times we look at our hopeless situation and are left numb?
How many times we see our vision die?

Jairus was standing with his living hope. He was face to face with Jesus. He pleaded. Jesus heard him. But his girl still died!

Have we thought we found hope but to see it slip through our fingers?
Have we screamed at God for deliverance and waited with anticipation, but He seemed to be silent? We thought it’s urgent but He seemed relaxed.

Jesus ignored the commotion and spoke with authority. He said, "Don't be afraid; just believe."

It calls for courage to keep believing which seems hopeless. When we encounter God and hears him, he empowers us to be brave and to continue to trust him even when we are face with impossibilities. As long as we are with Jesus, we are safe. Just believe…

As soon as Jesus reached Jairus’ home, he turned the overwhelming sadness into unspeakable joy. Jesus ordered the girl to get up and walk. Indeed she did!

…when we continue to believe and trust God, he makes all things beautiful in his time. When we wait and trust with believing heart, he turns a bad situation in which we mourn into a ball whereby we can dance. He turns our begging into banquet. He resurrects dead dreams and recover vanished visions.

So, don’t be afraid, just keep believing! A room for miracle to make God famous.

“Heavenly Father, give me strength and grace in the waiting. I know there’s nothing impossible when we are together. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stop and Bless

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,

(Isaiah 61:1, NIV)

We grabbed our groceries and rushed to the cashier with the shortest queue. It’s the usual peak hours at the store with consumers coming in after work to do their shopping. We just needed a few items to fix a quick dinner before the man of the house shoot off for an evening meeting in church.

At the payment counter while I was watching closely the cashier keying in the prices and shuffling my stuff away for packing, Chrisa tucked on me and whispered, “Mum, can we do the 2010 Blessing with her?” There was an old lady right after me at the line. We had exchanged smiles earlier. She was very old and I found out later she was 85. A strong and steady 85. A sweet lady with a neat presentation. I thought I would really like to be like her when I grow old.

In my hurried mode, I gave Chrisa a quick reply, “We’ll see…” but the little girl was persistent. She pestered me again. I threw the question back to her, “Would you want to do it?” She gave a quick nod and said, “Yes.” Her respond was quite a surprise to me. Our church had launched the 2010 Blessing during Easter. It is a 3 month community project to bless 2010 people from all walks of life with prayer. Being a young and small church of about 20 odd people, we prayed for this radical move to reach the city with God’s blessings and then watch God unfold his wondrous acts. No doubt just touching a small drop in the ocean yet we felt this intentional effort will compel us to reach out with God’s compassion and propel us into action…to move and bless friends and new contacts.

My gung-ho lass targeted her first receiver with such compassion and urgency. I couldn’t say “no” no matter how hurried I was. So I paid and waited for the old lady to finish with hers. We exchanged smiles again. Then I strike a brief conversation with her and gave Chrisa the opportunity to ask her for a chance to bless her with prayer. The old lady was delighted and agreed immediately. I stood beside my little girl as she prayed for the old lady right there along the corridor of the store.

She taught me to stop in the midst of inconvenience to say a prayer for someone. She doesn’t know the person waiting in line behind us, but she was filled with compassion which propelled her into a simple act of love. She was urgent about her mission.

Is there anyone in need of God’s touch today?
Are we too busy to notice anyone in need?
Or is it our fears which cripple us to move into action?
Pause…in the midst of our busyness and reach out with compassion.
Don’t wait for a convenient time. It may not come by.

Heavenly Father, as You bless me so abundantly, I seek to bless others too. Open my heart to contain Your love. Open my eyes to see beyond every pair of eyes I meet everyday. Let me see what you see. Let me love as you love. Let me move as you lead me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.